Bagnoli: una dis-missione possibile

Autori: Giovanni Dispoto, Antonio di Gennaro
In: Meridiana. 85, 2016
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The paper talks about the urban regeneration of the former Western Naples industrial area, metallurgic factory known as Italsider. The factory was created at the beginning of the twentieth century as a public industry. In the ‘70 – at the apex of its activity – it employed up to seven thousand workers; it was active for about a century until it was closed in 1992. After the closing of Italsider, a new urbanistic deal concerning the area took place. In 2005, a master plan for a wider area, including Coroglio-Bagnoli, was approved. The plan was ecologically oriented, promoting low impact development and leisure and touristic projects. Ten years after the formal approval of the Bagnoli master plan, the regeneration of the area, started in the mid of 2000, has stopped. The Bagnolifutura Spa enterprise for urban transformation went broke; the environment remediation of the site is at a 65% of completion, few public facilities have been realized but they never have been utilized and now they are failed. The paper focuses on the status of the regeneration process: one of the most interesting chances of creating a sustainable developing asset for the city of Naples; a challenge about reclaiming an urban area from the environment damages caused by the industrial activity in one of the most appreciated landscape of the Campi Flegrei area.

Keywords: Brown eld site remediation; Regeneration master plan, sustainable urban development.