Bagnoli oggi: quale futuro? Conversazione con Vezio De Lucia a cura di Gabriella Corona

Autore: Gabriella Corona
In: Meridiana. 85, 2016
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Bagnoli is a place of extraordinary beauty on the west coast of Naples. For a long time in Bagnoli a steel and coal factory has been active, which closed down at the beginning of the 1990s. Thanks to the mayor Antonio Bassolino, a project for Bagnoli was approved, which aimed at restoring the original environmental feature of the area. However the project (the opening of the neighbourhood toward the sea, the formation of a big public park, the improvement of the rail transportation system) wasn’t accomplished, due to the dif culties related to the remediation of polluted soil. This delay recently provided the excuse for a new project of the prime Minister to be accomplished directly by the national government. This caused an harsh con ict between the municipality and the national government. On this issue Gabriella Corona interviews the urbanist Vezio De Lucia, former City Councillor responsible for town planning. De Lucia rmly advocates the original project for Bagnoli.

Keywords Southern Italy; Recovery plan for Bagnoli; Soil pollution; Institutional con ict.