Des lettres, des colis, du courage et des larmes. Une parentèle féminine languedocienne dans la Grande Guerre

Autore: Christine Darnige
In: Genesis. XV/1, 2016
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The letters exchanged by Marie and Paul Loubet, a separated couple of gardeners who lived in a small wine producing town in Languedoc, provides one of the rare French testimonies about the Great War relying on a female voice, that of a woman working the soil, often as a day labourer. It had been confronted with other numerous local sources. Indeed, it is possible to apprehend the daily life of Marie, as well as that of three generations of women of one family. The war increased greatly women’s obligations and responsibilities in a newly reshaped “lived space” where men remained present. The study of these women reveals – through their words and actions – the strategies of compensation and resistance they were using to live.