Le profughe, i profughi, l’accoglienza: un percorso storico. Incontro con Silvia Salvatici

Autori: Michele Colucci, Silvia Salvatici
In: Meridiana. 86
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In this interview Michele Colucci meets Silvia Salvatici. The focus of the discussion is the historical approach of refugee studies. In last years, especially in Italy, refugee studies are involved in a public debate about migration policies, welcoming experiences, new routes of displaced people. The historical approach helps us to understand reasons and consequences of contemporary migrations. This reconstruction examines issues like NGOs and international organisations policies, Italian government strategies in post- war years, new relocations in Cold War period, the question of Balkan wars in 1990s, gender differences in displaced people movements.

Keywords: Asylum; Contemporary history; Republican Italy; Welcoming policies; Migrations; Refugees.