Piani di sviluppo locale. Giuseppe Orlando, la Zona pilota e Bosa

Autore: Maria Luisa Di Felice
In: Meridiana. 86
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The Sardinian Pilot Project was instituted in 1956. It aimed to stimulate a local-level integrated development program and concerned an area between Oristano, Bosa, and Macomer, as one of the Mediterranean areas with opportunities for growth. The Project was promoted by OECE and put in place a system of virtuous connections, a network for exchanges and relations, and processes of cooperation, cultural integration, and economic and social interconnection. This way it was possible to enhance the existing «heritage», and induce the emergence of latent potentials, needed for the implementation of development processes. The initiatives undertaken during the four year in which the Project Sardinia was operational, con rmed the growth prospects based on the more effective use and development of resources and knowledge that are expression of a speci c local situation, which the studies of sociologist Anna Anfossi and economist Giuseppe Orlando contributed to de ne. Precisely, the analysis of the Development Plan marked out by Orlando is here addressed to issues concerning Bosa and Planargia and it allows to appreciate the signi cance and success of this initiative, but also to detect the value of Orlando’s scienti c contribution, expression of that complex and cultural heritage that the Project Sardinia was able to develop in its short life.

Keywords: Giuseppe Orlando; Bosa, Sardinia; Local integrated development; Human capital.