Qualche riflessione sul Fiore

Autore: Luciano Formisano
In: Critica del testo. XIX/1,2016
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The recent discussions about the Fiore reopened a question which invites to consider issues not directly related to the actual text, but rather to reconsider other data such as the internal signature, the mentioning of the murder of Siger of Brabant or Federico da Porto’s testimony. Among the “internal” arguments some relevance must be granted to the sequence Rose – FioreComedia especially if seen in connection with the common source of both Fiore and Commedia. As for the composition of the Fiore in France, it con icts with what is currently known about Dante’s biography. It is rather signi cant that scholars show some difficulty in acknowledging the link between Fiore and Detto d’Amore a fact which strengthens the impression that the quaestio becomes more problematic when seen outside of the perspective of Dante’s experimentalism.