Introduzione. Per una nuova storia del lavoro: genere, economie, soggetti

Autori: Cristina Borderías, Manuela Martini
In: Genesis. XV/2, 2016
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Introduction. Engendering Modern Labour History

The aim of this special issue is to take stock of the impact that the history of gender has had on both the history of women and the modern history of labour. To this end it takes as examples the Spanish, German and Greek historiographies. It also would like to open new lines of reflection about the very close, simultaneously familiar and fast-changing relationship between the new labour history and gender history. Presenting some empirical case studies on the Italian context, it aims to extend the history of gendered labour to a wide spectrum of social situations. The history of labour is no longer an exclusively working-class history, and even more so that of gendered labour. In workshops, shops, factories, offices, hospitals, planes’ cockpits or homes, the values that we incorporate into work are intersected by generation, qualification, origin but also gender asymmetries.