La posta in gioco di Mafia Capitale. Nuove mafie e interpretazione dell’articolo 416 bis

Autore: Elena Ciccarello
In: Meridiana. 87
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The stakes in the Mafia Capitale case. New mafias and the offence of mafia-type association

The Roman inquiry so-called «Mafia Capitale» opened a public debate on the connection between corruption and organized crime. Italian media and experts have criticized the judicial decision to classify an indigenous criminal group mainly composed of white-collar workers as a mafia. This essay analyzes the application of the offence of mafia-type association (article 416 bis of the Italian Criminal Code) to this rather peculiar criminal phenomenon. It explores the inquiry as a result of a specific interpretive approach. Result shows that Roman prosecutors propose a idealtypical paradigm of the mafia-type association crime and encourage the application of article 416 bis to any new criminal organizations, if there exists sufficient evidence of a recourse to the «mafia method». Taken from this perspective, the «Mafia Capitale» case is a response to the issue of the application of art. 416 bis to new mafias. Moreover, this inquiry contains a hermeneutical challenge that make it the litmus test for a progressive change in the current legal, judicial – and perhaps political and social – definition of what «mafia» is.

Keywords: Organized crime; Offence of mafia-type association; Whitecollar crime; Corruption. Mafia Capitale: Mafia-type association and political