La normale eccezionalità. La mafia, il banditismo, il terrorismo e ancora la mafia

Autore: Antonino Blando
In: Meridiana. 87
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The very ordinary special legislation. The mafia, the banditry, terrorism and even the mafia

The «special legislation» in Italian history is a constant, almost normal. In the essay he insists on this very ordinary special legislation, trying to track her down in repressive events against terrorism of the seventies and in what used to combat the mafia of the following decades. Here it is assumed that the link between these two phenomena is inseparable: not the fight against terrorism, there would not be that the Mafia; so in the legal field and in that of investigative institutions, prison, political and administrative. In turn, the emergency legislation against terrorism inherits, as we will see, the characters of the fight against banditry, especially in Sicily, bloodied, for almost ten years, the end of the Second World War. In this fierce conflict they are taken, according to a logic of long memory of the institutions and its people, the techniques used by fascism during the «second repression» against the Mafia and then grafted into other bloody places like the eastern border during World War II. This «second repression» anti-crime, special and silent, was playing half the thirties to remedy the many loopholes open with the first spectacular and unsuccessful offensive of the new totalitarian state against the Mafia: the so-called «Operation Mori», between 1925-30.

Keywords: Mafia; Terrorism; Fascismo; Banditry; Special legislation; Investigation; Criminal organization.