Gestire i beni sequestrati e confiscati alla mafia. Una ricerca sugli amministratori giudiziari di Palermo

Autori: Rosa Di Gioia, Giuseppe Giura
In: Meridiana. 87
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Managing the mafia assets. The judicial administration in Palermo

More than thirty years after first Italian legislation against criminal proceeds has been passed, we address our attention to the judicial administration office, professionals (in particular lawyers and accountants) appointed by Courts for managing the organised crime and mafia seized and confiscated assets. The last update of legislation (legislative decree n. 159/2011) hasn’t solved the ongoing issues created by confused and contrasting goals pursued by different actors that have a stake in the future of judicial administration office, such as government, Criminal Assets recovery Agency, trade unions, entrepreneurs association and civil society. The aim of the paper, from a sociological standpoint, is to describe: how judicial administrator face the most common problems of judicial administration office; their capability to choose the way in which to implement Court ‘s orders of forfeiture and understanding if judicial administrators are new kind of professionals. Because of judicial administrators operating for the preventive measures Court of Palermo run at least the 47% of forfeiture criminal proceeds in the entire Italian country, we have taken into considerations their own activity, interviewing some of them and asking all of judicial administrators with more than two years of experience in the field to fill in a questionnaire.

Keywords: Sociology of law; Sociology of professions; Criminal proceeds; Administrative proceedings.