Rarità d’archivio: su alcuni frammenti manoscritti del Falconetto

Autori: Giuseppe Mascherpa, Annalisa Perrotta
In: Critica del testo. XIX / 2, 2016
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Few fragments of a manuscript containing the text of the Fal- conetto, have been recently found in the Archivio Storico in Vercelli.

The Falconetto is a chivalric Carolingian work, unusual both for its form and its content. As to now, the Falconetto was known only through an edition printed in Milan in 1483. In the present contribution, the authors reconstruct the scholarly debate about the origin, the metrics, and the circulation of this interesting version of the chivalric Italian tradition. The comparison of the two versions and its ecdotic and linguistic results open upto new interesting scenarios, to be further explored only once the restoration of the fragments will be achieved.