La causa perduta come racconto politico: il carlismo

Autore: Pedro Rújula Lopez
In: Meridiana. 88
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Lost cause as a Political Narrative: Carlism

Since its very beginnings, Carlism was a lost cause. Its origins lay in Infant Carlos’ rejection of the succession of Isabel II to the Spanish Throne, unleashing a Civil War in order to assert his rights. The key cause of war was indeed usurpation. As victims they justi ed their uprising and as such they kept up their ght long after the war’s end. Moreover, they also experienced a deep sense of loss of their core values such as the fueros or the religion. To sum up, the narrative of the lost cause allowed the Carlist to present themselves as the champions of lost causes of modernity. As standard-bearer of the tradition against the liberal threaten, they keep ghting until the civil war of 1936 when they seemingly put an end to more than a century of struggle for their lost cause. However it would not last longer. They soon felt betrayed by the Francoism, recovering their lost cause rhetoric.

Key words: Carlism; Legitimism; Reactionary; Traditionalism; Civil war.