Dalla sconfitta alla vittoria finale: nazionalismo, simboli e tradizioni inventate in Catalogna

Autore: Jordi Canal
In: Meridiana. 88
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From Defeat to Final Victory: Nationalism, Symbols and Traditions Invented in Catalonia

Nationalism is a building and the nation is a nationalist building. Before the 20th century there was no nation called Catalonia. They were the nationalists who, starting from the nineties of the nineteenth century, launched the project of building a nation and nationalizing the Catalans, trying to make them aware of being part of a Catalan nation. At that time, there has witnessed a fruitful invention and recompense of supposed traditions. Then, properly placed in history and endowed with undisputed national content, the true and sacred symbols of Catalonia, in particular the ag with the four stripes, the Sardinian assorted to Catalan national dance, the hymn Els segadors and the Diada or day of the homeland, on September 11th. The «lost cause» of 1714 came, therefore, with force in the 20th century, culturally structured and well endowed with symbolic survival strategies.

Keywords: Nationalism; Nationalization; Lost Cause; Catalonia; Symbols; Invented Traditions.