La casa del Tasso a Sorrento: monumentalità e immaginario tra Decennio francese e Restaurazione borbonica

Autore: Annunziata Berrino
In: Meridiana. 88
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The House of Tasso in Sorrento: Monumentality and Imagery of the French Decade and Bourbon Restoration

In the history of Western Tourism the town of Sorrento is identi ed as «Homeland of Tasso». The article traces the construction of this identity, which dates back to the early nineteenth century. In that period, in Europe, the pre-Romantic culture has revalue Torquato Tasso; French governments in Naples (1806-15) had interest in producing monumentality to strengthen political consensus and local identity; the culture of leisure travel (later tourism) was eager for new attractions; the artistic and gurative culture discovered the coastal landscape. The research also documents the weakness of awareness of the defence the collective cultural heritage in the small south- central than the force of French nationalism. The research primary sources are guide books, iconography, local historians and archival sources of the early nineteenth century. The interpretation is based on the historiography on the Napoleonic era and the Restoration, in tourism, in identity processes, iconography and landscape.

Keywords: History of Tourism; Cultural Identity; Torquato Tasso; Sorrento.