Oltre lo stereotipo. Alla ricerca della Napoli reale

Autore: Gabriella Corona
In: Meridiana. 88
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Beyond the Stereotype. Researching Real Naples

In this article Gabriella Corona reviews Paolo Frascani’s book titled Napoli. Viaggio nella città reale (Laterza, 2017) and underlines the originality of the approach by which the author looks at the city. In fact, he analyses the history of Naples during the last decades deconstructing the great stereotypes by which Naples is usually represented in public debate (policy, media, docu- ction): «Gomorra», «dual» Naples divided between nobility and plebs, «lazy» city. For this reason the book represents a methodological proposal to do «present history» overstepping the common and generalised vision of a criminal and parasitic Southern Italy. Frascani dedicates this book to describe the character of the middle class, the growth of the important productive and manufacturing system in the periphery, the rise of a large network of associations directed to promote the artistic and cultural heritage. It isn’t an ingenuous analysis because the author doesn’t show only positive aspects but also limits and vulnerabilities. The nal part of the book is dedicated to study the transformations of the complex and con icting relationships between Naples and his hinterland composed by 92 municipalities. The future of the city, Paolo Frascani concludes, depends on the way by which the new powers of Metropolitan City, established during 2015, will be able to manage and solve their problems and give homogeneity (infrastructures, public services, political delegation etc.) to this territory as a whole.

Keywords: History of Present; Stereotypes; Naples.