La politica e i ri uti. Effetti perversi e contraddizioni

Autore: Daniele Fortini
In: Meridiana. 89
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Waste has always been a problem for hygiene, health and environment but, in recent years, it has also become a source of social and political conflicts. The NIMBY syndrome is only the most obvious part of these conflicts, but many others, more submerged, are described with thousands of players in the continuous search for balance between conflicting interests. Waste-problem or waste-resource? Responsibility for the industrial system or voluntary service of citizens? Reason of State or people’s protagonism? In answering these questions, we often fail to identify how and where they create wealth and how this wealth will be distributed. The business generated by municipal waste management in Italy in 2016 exceeded 11 billion euro. In this great deal, new inequalities between the North and South of our Country, between citizens and the industrial system are added, while public institutions have lingered in the diatribes of which often do not understand the reason. In this exploration, we aim to highlight some aspects of latent conflicts, trying to detect the trends and how to settle themselves.

Keywords: Waste; Inequalities; Conflict; Politics.