La condivisione è un obbligo. Prassi politica e dissenso nel MoVimento 5 Stelle in Toscana

Autore: Lorenzo Urbano
In: Meridiana. 90
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Through a reading of Ernesto Laclau’s arguments on the construction of collective subjects, this article aims to provide a deeper understanding of identity-building practices of the Five Stars Movement (M5S) at the local level, eschewing a more common interpretation through the lens of populism and instead focusing on the shared practices of low-level activists. In particular, through a reappropriation of Laclau’s concept of democratic demand, I try to offer an ethnographic perspective on how relatively marginal subjects inside a supposedly populist political movement negotiate their positions relative to each other, and create a small but tightly-knit community in which to put the M5S’ ideals into practice.

Keywords: Populism; Social movements; Local politics; Activism.