Come fu inventato il Partito comunista in Sicilia tra il 1943 e il 1948

Autore: Alfio Mastropaolo
In: Meridiana. 90
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How are political representation relationships established? According to the theoretical framework adopted in this article, such relationships do not develop bottom/up, but top/down. It is the agent who invents its principal and not the principal who delegates and authorizes the agent. Adopting this perspective, this article revisits the formation of the Communist party in Sicily after World War II. The party exploited and organized the peasants’ and miners’ mobilization, equipping them with a political project and a common identity. In this way a small vanguard party became a mass party and one of the main actors of political life in post-war Sicily.

Keywords: Siciliy; Peasants; Italian Communist Party; Postwar.