Dentro la violenza camorrista

Autore: Isaia Sales
In: Meridiana. 90
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In Naples it is very difficult to separate the children criminal issue from the adult criminal issue that has the face of the many gangs of camorra which act in a lot of parts of the city.  In the metropolitan area of Naples, the urban question, the criminal issue of young people and the organized crime are an inextricable plot and a violent and tragic spy of a big unresolved social question. There is no clear separation of spaces, age, activities, social environments between child violence and camorra crime. Camorra is «the big sister», comprehensive and attentive, of deviant young people. If in other parts of Italy children’s crimes are mainly the consumption and sale of drugs, in Naples, besides drugs, there are robberies, snatching, extortion, use of weapons, murders and attempted murders. The places of origin of young violent people are almost always the same: the three criminal enclaves (historical center, suburbs and hinterland) where camorra lives now as in the past. In those areas there is a «self-sufficient society». Some neighborhoods seem to be characterized by a long continuity of social structures. They are made of habits, uses, customs, behaviors cemented in time and space. People who are born and live there make a real self-apartheid in which a «criminal autism» grows, like the Antonio Starace’s book shows.

Keywords: Camorra; Young people; Naples.