Contrapunto hispano-italiano en La Señora Cornelia

Autore: Pini Donatella
In: Critica del testo. XX/3, 2017
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Playing subtly with national stereotypes, Cervantes creates in his La Señora Cornelia an amusing Spanish-Italian counterpoint. Cervantes offers two Spanish gentlemen the opportunity to outdo in distinction and nobility some descendants of the dynasties of Este and Bentivoglio, which embody the quintessence of Italian courtesy. According to this perspective, the novella deserves more attention for the exquisitely literary theme Cervantes develops – the so-called “cortesía de España”, treated by Giraldi Cinzio in his Ecatommiti (VI,4 and X,5) – rather than for its historical references to Bologna and Ferrara, where the action is set.