Come pensano gli spazi. Il passato (e il presente) del territorio di un parco rurale: l'Alta Murgia pugliese

Autore: Biagio Salvemini
In: Meridiana. 49, 2004
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How spaces think. The past (and present) of a rural park: Alta Murgia in Apulia
The essay puts in question the identity space-society as a tool for both ind??? and planning territories, widely adopted by planners of the last decades of the XX century in order to avoid the funcional and expert approach of the «modernism». The long history and the now-a-days conflictual situation of a territory recently officially declared «rural park». The Alta Murgia – the South of Italy – sheds light on the dilemmas caused by this attitude and might offer some hints of the possible results of an approach that underlines the autonomy of the special dimensions.