Due storie sul fare

Autore: Cristina Bianchetti
In: Meridiana. 49, 2004
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Two accounts of taking action
The theme of this paper concerns the place of planner’s knowledge in the government of territorial transformations. Here, we assume that this old problem can be discussed through some local stories. In stories, the kind of questions we raise are usually put as questions about communication, digression and construction of a language able to connect what we can see and say about territory with matters around production, mediation, institution. We shall tell two little histories on the Adriatic territory and its plans: the first one concerns the beach of Sottomarina, near Chioggia; the second one the river Pescara. The two stories suggest that the planning job is (for a large part) a job around cultural meaning (or invention of the subjectivity of the territory). The mutual implications of politics of identity with empirical investigation call our attention to post-colonial discourse: a field, articulated and composite, of cultural anthropology.