Una società da svelare. Genere, consumo e produzione di biancheria nella Napoli rinascimentale

Autori: Silvana Musella Guida, Sonia Scognamiglio Cestaro
In: Genesis. V/1, 2006
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A society to reveal. The underwear consumption in Renaissance Naples
The essay focuses on the underwear consumption of the Aristocracy in Renaissance Naples. The research is based on unpublished documents collected from the Filangeri’s Private Archive of Naples: 120 items shared equally between post mortem inventories and the lists of trousseau. The essay has been developed in three stages: the first one has compared the luxurious underwear with the European portraits in order to visualize the garments and, subsequently, to verify their employ; the second stage of our study has proposed to recognize the symbolic function of the underwear spotlighting the gender differences; finally the third one has reconstructed some economic feature of the underwear consumption focusing on the level of the household expenditure and the role of the female in the organization and administration of the family wardrobe.