Economia e società nell'alto medioevo europeo. Una discussione su Framing the Early Middle Ages di Chris Wickham: Introduzione

Autori: Sandro Carocci, E. Igor Mineo
In: Storica. 34 • anno XII, 2006
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Economy and society in the European Early Middle Ages. A discussion on Framing the Early Middle Ages by Chris Wickham
We publish a roundtable discussion on Chris Wickham’s latest book (Framing the Early Middle Ages. Europe and Mediterranean, 400-800, Cup, Cambridge 2005, pp. XXVIII- 990), in which scholars of different disciplines (archaeologists, ancient historians and medievalists) discuss this book of great conceptual and analytical importance. Wickham builds on his and other scholars’ research to propose a new and encompassing framework for the «great transformation» occurred between 400 and 800 in a large number of regions in Europe and the Mediterranean formerly part (or neighbours) of the dismantling Roman empire. The debate is followed by Wickham’s reply to the questions and critiques raised by the commentators.