La nuova storiografia israeliana, venti anni dopo

Autore: Bruna Soravia
In: Storica. 35-36 • anno XII, 2006
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The New Israeli Historiography, Twenty Years After
The so-called New Israeli Historiography emerged twenty years ago in the wake of the opening of the archives related to the end of the British Mandate and to the War of Independence of 1948. This new perspective has refuted the main myths developed by the Zionist historiography explaining the establishment of Israel and its relationship with the Palestinians and the neighbouring Arab countries. Research conducted by historians who identify themselves with this trend, although adopting a diversity of viewpoints and aims, has had a profound impact not only on the scholarly knowledge of Israeli past, but on the national and collective consciousness. The New Historiography, influenced by the important changes occurred in Israel during the 1980s, has strongly, and at times controversially, argued for a revision of the historical judgement on the establishment of Israel and on the choices made at the time, envisioning a different outcome of the conflict with the Arab world and, at the same time, a different future for the Israeli state.