La guerra al tempo dell'atomica

Autore: Fabio Bettanin
In: Storica. 35-36 • anno XII, 2006
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War at the Time of the Atomic Bomb
The Cold War has contributed to shape the world we live in. Only recently historians have systematically analysed the role of the events in the so-called Third World in those years. In particular, one important contribution is the release of the work of Odd Arne Westad on The Global Cold War. This book draws a dark picture of the intervention of the two superpowers in fuelling «hot» wars of devastating political, economic, and human effects. The resentment and the resistance caused by them have generated a widespread rejection of both soviet-like socialism and western liberal ideologies, creating a gap often filled by religious fundamentalism. The underlying hypothesis of Westad’s work, as other studies on the topic, is that the legacy of the Cold War is still shaping the policy of the great powers towards the Third World and that the American reaction after 9/11 is a continuation of post-World War II interventionism.