Contrabbandiera di cultura. Lavinia Mazzucchetti e la letteratura tedesca tra le due guerre

Autore: Maria Pia Casalena
In: Genesis. VI/1, 2007
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Smuggling culture. Lavinia Mazzucchetti and German literature in the interwar period
One of the first Italian women to become a member of Faculty, Lavinia Mazzucchetti (1889-1965) was libero docente and docente incaricato for German Literature from 1917 to 1929. She also cooperated with several renowned publishers, as well as with the Enciclopedia Italiana under the direction of Giovanni Gentile. Work on Stefan Zweig’ and Thomas Mann’s masterpieces ensured her acclaim as a translator. Her antifascist stance was reflected in her critical works and she showed a particular regard for fiction targeted at women and children. She followed her own particular version of the European canon, closely related to her family legacy as well as with her experience of both the limits and the wealth offered by Italian and German literature.