L'istruzione dei genitori e dei figli: disuguaglianze che persistono

Autori: Maurizio Franzini, Michele Raitano
In: Meridiana. 59-60, 2007
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Fathers and sons education levels: the persistence of inequality
The paper deals with the problem of intergenerational transmission of inequality and in particular with the persistence of education attainments through generations. In the first part of the paper an empirical analysis of the phenomenon at world level is carried out, coming to the conclusion that, despite national differences, persistence of education levels is a widespread and serious phenomenon. With specific reference to Italy an original empirical analysis is carried out, which allows to get a rich picture of the intensity and manifestation of this form of inequality persistence. In the second part of the paper an attempt is made to identify the main factors responsible for the observed tendencies and a theoretical scheme is proposed for classifying such factors and also for distinguishing more clearly between social mobility, equality of opportunity and intergenerational transmission of advantages and disadvantages.