Temporalità ed esperienza storica: note sulla Historik di Koselleck

In: Storica. 38 • anno XIII, 2007
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Time and Historical Experience. Remarks on Koselleck’s Historik
Moving from Koselleck’s most recent essays on Historik, the author explores the role played by historiography in the constitution of historicity as a peculiar experiential dimension of human existence. The essay focuses on the complex link between difference and repetition which, according to Koselleck’s theory of experience, constitutes a «specific historical temporality» and its inner articulation. Actually, it is by exploring the «formal temporal structures» which constitute the horizon of historical intelligibility that Koselleck brings to light the decisive role that the point of view of historiography has for the constitution of man as the subject of historical knowledge and action. It is difficult to ignore the importance of this theory of historical temporalization in an age in which the End of History rhetoric tends to transform itself in a sort of media gospel.