La questione abitativa e i suoi dilemmi

Autore: Manuela Olagnero
In: Meridiana. 62, 2008
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The housing question and its dilemmas
The article discusses the role of the three analytic elements housing consists of: inhabitants, houses and territory. These elements allow to understand housing as a multifaceted problem and claim for a stricter co-operation among disciplines (demography, sociology, geography,) involved in this fiels of studies. The concept of housing quality points to the importance of assuring not only a roof, but also a fair context to inhabitants living in a house. The aim of the analysis is to point to some new deprivations and inequalities related to the housing quality (safety, affordability, adequacy to needs) that are coming out from the difficulty to face the increasing instability affecting both social and family life, either housing market or urban territories. The complexity of housing question comes out from the different levels implied, as housing is a challenge for families or local governments; and private and public solutions have to be addressed both to territories and people.