Giovani italiani e scelte abitative

Autore: Letizia Mencarini
In: Meridiana. 62, 2008
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Young Italian people and housing choices
The Italian Multipurpose survey on Family and Social Actors, carried out by ISTAT in 2003 and covering almost 15,000 young people aged 18-39, confirms the latest-late transition to adulthood of Italians and some other well-known features that are peculiar to the Italian context. The lack of adequate independent housing solutions appears to be an element that constrains a huge proportion of young Italians making them remain in the parental home much longer than elsewhere. The peculiarities of Italian society, characterised by a scarce and expensive rental market, a high proportion of housing property, the lack of social housing and special credit measures for young people, reinforce the role of the family of a crucial subject in allowing young Italians to get an independent home.