Dal consumismo al consumerismo : un'indagine nella città di Catania

Autore: Davide Arcidiacono
In: Meridiana. 62, 2008
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From consumerism to «consumerism»: a study in Catania
The object of our study is «consumerism». Ranci says that «consumerism » is a «consumer movement industry»: a collective movement similar to a «market» where different actors take part, with different status and roles, offering the same «product». «Consumerism» arrived in Italy, and above all in Catania, with some delay and , without consistency and political support, it risks remaining an instrument of demagogy or an elite phenomenon. «Consumerism» is «collective action individualized» for «people with a high level of education». The revolutionary power of this movement is not still demonstrated and it is a problem of governance, without which the consumer sovereignty is still limited.