Da Campania felix a discarica: le trasformazioni in Terra di Lavoro dal dopoguerra ad oggi

Autore: Marzia Andretta
In: Meridiana. 64, 2009
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From Campania Felix to a non-place. Transformations in Terra di lavoro from the second postwar period to the present day
Terra di lavoro (literally «Land of Work») is an area in the Campania region, today included in the province of Caserta. It has always been characterized by vast natural resources (hence the characterization Campania Felix), but over the last decades it has followed a development which, besides producing economic growth, has had destructive effects on the countryside and the environment, leading it to become a privileged area for indiscriminate waste disposal, whether illegal or not. How did this land, praised for its fertility, come to be known worldwide as Italy’s largest waste dump?