Il disastro ambientale in Campania : il ruolo delle istituzioni, gli interessi delle organizzazioni criminali, le risposte giudiziarie

Autore: Donato Ceglie
In: Meridiana. 64, 2009
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The environment disaster in Campania: Legal reactions
Today, the illegal waste disposal and building cycles are the favorite fields of action of the so called «ecomafias». In the law milieu, the term «ecomafia» designates an illegal network committing environment-related crimes. Although police investigations have shown that this is a nation-wide problem, the most critical situations occur in the Campania region, and especially in the provinces of Naples and Caserta. What are the environmental, social and political repercussions of the illicit trade of waste, and of illegal building works? This essay focuses especially on illegal building and its catastrophic environmental consequences along the Domitian littoral in the province of Caserta.