Controsenso napoletano: Vezio De Lucia discute con Edoardo Salzano

Autore: Edoardo Salzano
In: Meridiana. 64, 2009
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Neapolitan nonsense
Naples made world headlines twice during the last twenty years or so: first for the «Neapolitan Renaissance», and some years later for its mismanagement of garbage and other administrative scandals. Today, Naples is known to world public opinion only for disasters. Vezio De Lucia was the Mayor’s assistant for «urban livableness» during crucial years in Naples’ recent history. In a conversation with Edoardo Salzano held two years ago, De Lucia remembers the principal phases of the town planning process of his city, and analyzes some crucial moments and aspects (e.g. the story of Scampia, the relationship between planning and building activity, and public transportation). He makes a comparison between Naples’ urban planning and development experience in those years – a substantially negative one – and similar experiences in Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rome and Turin.