La violenza domestica nell’Abruzzo di età moderna

Autore: Alessio Basilico
In: Genesis. IX/2, 2010
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Domestic violence in Abruzzo early modern age\ The article attempts to shed light on forms of domestic violence in Early modern Abruzzo. The first cause for such tensions, inside the families, was the widespread system of seasonal male emigration towards Rome and the nearby countryside. Since many migrants were afraid of being cuckolded during their absences, their apprehension caused many misunderstandings which often resulted in violence. Dowry was another cause of strained violent relations. Documents clearly show that if a man delayed the payment of the dowry to his son-in-law, the latter occasionally would go as far as murdering his wife. At the same time, because of the dowry system, the wife’s male relatives felt they had a right to intervene in conjugal life in order to put an end to domestic violence. Thus, they played a role far more important than that played by tribunals in regulating marital behaviour.