(Dis)onore e migrazione. In margine ai “delitti d’onore” nella comunità islamica italiana

Autore: Anna Vanzan
In: Genesis. IX/2, 2010
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(Dis)honor and migration: honor killings and the islamic community in Italy\ Among some ethnic groups, especially in the global South, women involved in “illicit” sexual acts are considered to bring dishonor to their families and subsequently become victims of the so called “honor killings”. When they migrate to countries whose social and sexual customs are in deep contrast with their owns, these groups tend to perpetrate these awful crimes. Although Islam does not preach any kind of “honor killings”, they mostly take place inside the Muslim communities, especially the Pakistani and the Turkish ones, as the concept of “honor killing” stems from the patriarchal structure still dominating these two societies, particularly (but not exclusively) in the rural areas. Some “honor killings” recently committed in Italy showed how, paradoxically, these crimes abroad produce even more negative effects than they do at home.