Storica. 50 • anno XVII, 2011.

Testata: Storica • Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
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Linee di frattura nell’Impero zarista. Uno sguardo d’insieme
Alberto Masoero

Lines of Fracture in the Tsarist Empire. An Overview
This essay offers an interpretation of the crisis of the Tsarist regime. It analyses three lines of fracture that potentially undermined the stability of the Imperial state during the 19th Century. It examines the tensions between a pre-modern social hierarchy and modern state-building, between an imperial or national definition of the state, and between the promotion of knowledge and the autocratic ideology. The 1905-17 reform-revolution historical cycle is interpreted as the result of the intersection and reciprocal intensification of these long-term factors.

Parole chiave: Impero zarista, conflitto sociale, costruzione nazionale, movimento rivoluzionario
Keywords: Tsarist Empire, Social Conflict, Nationbuilding, Revolutionary Movement

Un diritto italiano? Il discorso giuridico nella formazione dello Stato nazionale
Pietro Costa

An Italian Law? Nation and State-building in Italy: The role of juridical discourse
The essay aims to focus on the role of juridical discourse in Italy, from the first half of Nineteenth century to the beginning of the new Italian State. The research’s main issue is the analysis of the rhetoric contribution of lawyers to the building of a national and state-centered identity.

Parole chiave: Discorso giuridico, Nazione, Stato, Codice
Keywords: Juridical discourse, Nation, State, Code

L’altra Roma di Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur
Interventi di Giuliano Milani, Gian Maria Varanini, Chris Wickham. Replica di Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur

The Other Rome of Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur
We publish a forum on Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur’s latest book (L’autre Rome: une histoire des Romains à l’époque des communes. XIIe-XIVe siècle, Tallandier, Paris 2010). Building on his and other scholars’ research, in this book Maire Vigueur proposes a new view of the history of Rome in the age of communes, emphasizing the need to look at the history of Rome by giving up the traditional connection to the history of the papacy, and considering the history of Rome as an aspect of the history of urban civilization in medieval Italy. Three scholars discuss the importance of this book and raise critiques; the debate is followed by Maire Vigueur’s reply.

Parole chiave: Roma, Comuni, Papato
Keywords: Rome, City-States, Papacy

Amedeo De Vincentiis

L’altra Roma di Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur
Interventi di Giuliano Milani, Gian Maria Varanini, Chris Wickham. Replica di Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur.