L’altra Roma di Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur

Autori: Amedeo De Vincentiis, Chris Wickham, Giuliano Milani, Gian Maria Varanini, Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur
In: Storica. 50 • anno XVII, 2011

The Other Rome of Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur
We publish a forum on Jean-Claude Maire Vigueur’s latest book (L’autre Rome: une histoire des Romains à l’époque des communes. XIIe-XIVe siècle, Tallandier, Paris 2010). Building on his and other scholars’ research, in this book Maire Vigueur proposes a new view of the history of Rome in the age of communes, emphasizing the need to look at the history of Rome by giving up the traditional connection to the history of the papacy, and considering the history of Rome as an aspect of the history of urban civilization in medieval Italy. Three scholars discuss the importance of this book and raise critiques; the debate is followed by Maire Vigueur’s reply.

Parole chiave: Roma, Comuni, Papato
Keywords: Rome, City-States, Papacy