Un aristocratico marxista, Luchino Visconti: Il Gattopardo e il Risorgimento

Autore: Mario Franco
In: Meridiana. 69, 2010
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Il Gattopardo by Luchino Visconti: a Marxist Aristhocratic Gentleman’s Nostalgia
A brief biographic note and the most important steps of Visconti’s artistic career are reviewed in this essay. Visconti was an original and complex author who revealed his talent also as a theatre and opera director. The essay focuses on the relationship between literature, figurative arts and cinema in Visconti’s work, stressing its political and social importance. The essay focuses on how the ideas behind two films on Risorgimento (Senso and more particularly Il Gattopardo) developed and how they have been implemented, highlighting the literary references and Visconti’s decadent perception of life and history.