Fare politica a Catania. Il Movimento per le autonomie: rapporti di dipendenza e intimità culturale

Autore: Antonio Vesco
In: Meridiana. 70, 2011
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Playing politics in Catania. The «Movimento per le autonomie»: relationships of dependence and cultural intimacy
The article deals with the issues of political participation/mobilization in the city of Catania and its territory, with particular reference to the Movimento per le autonomie (Mpa), a young political entity which has had significant electoral success. The political activity carried out by leaders, activists and members of the party is studied taking into account the main categories which have characterized the debate on political phenomena in Southern Italy - first of all the concept of patronage. Nevertheless, the relationships of dependence observed during the fieldwork are taken into consideration together with the role played by cultural factors in the choices operated by the grass roots. In accordance with the theory of «cultural intimacy», such choices are in fact strictly connected with a local (culturally institutionalized) way of playing politics that they contribute to build.