Non solo luoghi. I tempi dello sviluppo nel Mezzogiorno e in Sicilia

Autori: Roberto Foderà, Alberto Tulumello
In: Meridiana. 70, 2011
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Not only «places». The «times» of the development in Southern Italy and in Sicily
For Southern Italy the last six decades (1950-2010) were marked by «development without autonomy», since no reduction of the GDP gap with Northern and Central Italy has been achieved. The aim of this paper is to identify, within this space of time, which periods were characterised by «development with autonomy»: economic dynamism, reduction of the gap with the rest of Italy due to the growth of wealth and productive labour. Analysing the territorial differences within the «Mezzogiorno» – finding the «places» where local endogenous development occurred – is a useful task: at the same time, identifying the «times» of the autonomous development is also crucial. The paper tackles the issue of the availability of local data and historical series useful for the referred analysis. As a result, the 1950s and 1990s provide evidence of discontinuity from the long-term trends and show the nature of the independent, autonomous development. The in-depth analysis of such «times» and «places» is the key (the «possibility», as Hirschman would have said) for rethinking and planning new forms of territorial cohesion.