L'operaismo veneto fra modernizzazione e conflitto

Autore: Gabriele Licciardi
In: Meridiana. 70, 2011
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The Venetian Workerism between modernization and conflict
The purpose of this work is to analyse the characteristics of the Venetian Workerism during the Sixties and the Seventies, its slogans and its collective rituals. At that time, crucial for the creation of a substantive democracy in the country, the trade-union and political choices of the left-wing organisations, as the Cgil and the Pci, were debated by new extra-parliamentary groups such as the «Potere Operaio», which soon turned into a left-wing political movement particularly influential. A characteristic of this extra-parliamentary extremism was a widespread violence wiped out by the process on April the 7th, that after 30 years continues to recreate a divided and opposite collective memory.