La trasmissione intergenerazionale della disuguaglianza: un enigma in cerca di speculazioni

In: Meridiana. 71-72, 2011
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Intergenerational transmission of inequality: so many subtleties on the ground
This paper provides a compact survey of relevant strands of literature on intergenerational transmission of inequality and social mobility. Some important empirical results are shown to capture the stylized facts the theoretical literature tries to deal with. Hence, the basic theoretical framework used in this field (Becker and Tomes, 1979) is presented, highlighting the underlying assumptions and pointing out the critical points. The main aim is to propose (for future research) new theoretic arrangements to cope with the empirical evidence: removing some restrictive ad hoc assumptions, enhancing the role of preferences, considering the importance of relevant macro variables and trying to handle the positive relation between intra-generational income inequality and inter-generational elasticity of income.