Fabbriche di sapere. Le ambivalenze del lavoro cognitivo

Autore: Loris Caruso
In: Meridiana. 71-72, 2011
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Factories of knowledge. The ambivalence of cognitive work
The article seeks to identify the tensions caused by the changes in the work processes caused by the so called knowledge economy. The article analyzes the increasing involvement of local networks and cultures, socialization processes, intellectual and emotional attitudes of individuals in the production cycle, and the centrality of knowledge in the production process, trying to figure out if these processes increase the subordination of individuals and workers or the autonomy of workers and social actors. The final thesis is that knowledge economy is a field marked by a dialectic between economy and society, in which the first, in order to incorporate the potential economic value of mechanisms that arise in the second, must incorporate individuals, practices and cultures that are partially conflicting with the mechanisms of accumulation, having to make increasing efforts to bring the whole process to the ownership regime.