Il costo degli stati. Politica e prelievo nell’Occidente medievale (VI-XIV secolo)

Autori: Sandro Carocci, Simone M. Collavini
In: Storica. 52 • anno XVIII, 2012
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The cost of states. Politics and exactions in the medieval West (sixth to fourteenth centuries)
What were the models and ideal-types through which historians of the medieval West have approached the topic of the financing of the state and other institutions? First conceived in the context of a meeting between historians of the Christian West, Islam and of Byzantium, this paper offers a historiographical analysis, highlighting some contradictions and suggesting new avenues of research. The focus is on three basic questions: 1) Who financed the creation and functioning of political structures and how? 2) How were political structures themselves influenced by the forms of their funding? 3) What were the social and economic consequences of the circulation of resources that originated in politics?

Parole chiave: Stati medievali, Imposte, Signoria, New Fiscal History
Keywords: Medieval States, Taxes, Lordship, New Fiscal History