Violenza, fascismo e fascistizzazione: alcune riflessioni comparative dall’esperienza spagnola

Autore: Javier Rodrigo
In: Storica. 52 • anno XVIII, 2012
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Violence fascism and fascistization: some comparative reflexions from Spanish experience
Almost no historian has spoken of fascism in Franco’s Spain without denying it altogether, modifying its conceptual boundaries or adding terminological parameters (para-, proto-, pseudo-, -ized). In this paper, through a critical review of some of the central features in the field of historical interpretation of fascism, comparative analysis is employed to re-examine the current characterization of the Franco Regime and identify it as fascist during the Civil wartime and immediate post-war period. In examining some of the latest historiographical debates and advances, this paper proposes a coherent lecture of Spanish fascism.

Parole chiave: Spagna, Guerra civile, Fascismo, Violenza, Storia comparata
Keywords: Spain, Civil War, Fascism, Violence, Comparative History