Les calendriers liturgiques diocésains dans la France post-tridentine: évolution et transformations (1570-1680)

Autore: Thomas D’Hour
In: Sanctorum. 8-9, 2011-2012
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The diocesan liturgical calendars in the post-Tridentine France: evolution and transformations (1570-1680)
As an indispensable tool to organize the recitation of canonical hours, liturgical calendars evolved throughout the seventeenth century, in both form and content. Taking into consideration over more 110 books printed in France between 1570 and 1680 which contain a liturgical calendar, this article offers initially a broad view of the different types of works published, followed, through concrete examples, by an analysis of how the calendars evolved. Whilst the spread of Roman liturgical reform may explain a large number of these transformations, nonetheless each diocese retained their own singularity in the interpretation of this reform. The mapping of the results leads to an awareness of different reactions on the part of individual dioceses to reform, and thus, the Roman influence on French diocesan liturgy may be presented as a complex phenomenon in which each entity retained their own identity.