Passato/presente della camorra: dimensione sociale e dimensione politica

Autore: Marcella Marmo
In: Meridiana. 73-74, 2012
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Past and Present in camorra’s History: Reflections Upon its Social and Political Dimension

The primary and continuative aspects of the camorra’s history are discussed from the former nineteenth-century organization to the contemporary evolution. The historical analysis focuses on the model of power syndicate settled in the Campania felix between Naples and the rural hinterland. The active culture of the organization Onorata Società is analysed with respect to several components: the fiscal model based on squeezing; the code of honour as criminal élite’s political/military language; the criminal organization segmented both into each quarter and oligopolistic markets; the wide range of social networks (among criminals, within the milieu of poor people, with social élites and police institutions). These strong characters of the nineteenth-century criminal group devoted to squeezing, are compared with today’s camorra, by recent studies which often do not focus the dependence of social and political collusions on primary power of syndicate supremacy.