La questione rifiuti e la camorra

Autore: Isaia Sales
In: Meridiana. 73-74, 2012
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The waste disposal question and the camorra
The author analyzes the ways in which criminal organizations, prevalently in southern Italy, have become specialized in crimes producing serious environmental damages. He shows that mafias are not the cause of waste-related problems, but the effect. In the case of urban waste, the penetration of the camorra into the urban waste business is a consequence of the major emergencies Campania faced during the first decade of the 2000s. In the case of toxic waste, instead, the camorra’s involvement has merely met a «demand for illegality» coming from firms operating on the legal market. In the second part of the article, the author reviews the factors that have determined the «success» of camorra organizations, and especially of the Casalesi clan. He also examines the reasons why the Campanian mafias have become the paradigm of ecomafias working in the waste disposal sector.